Becky has been painting since she was 3 years old when her mother, an artist, would paint with her after her daily nap.  She usually could not sleep because of her excitement.  Her life and education has focused on art in various media and to this day she has that same enthusiasm as she did those many years ago.

After years of working in metal, both smithing and enamel,  Becky is currently working in oil paint and cold wax medium on wood panel.  During her years in metal she developed an intense relationship with texture and loved the luminous transparent colors of the enamel on the textured metal.  In cold wax she is able to emphasize actual and visual texture with the luminous quality of oil paints.  She made the shift to this medium in 2017 and considers herself as a re-emerging abstract painter using oil and cold wax.

The inspiration for her paintings comes from nature.  She is emotionally involved with nature's beauty, both in the actual sense as well as the metaphysical.  She paints abstraction of the opposing forces of nature, whether that is the stillness of a forest floor or the shifting of tectonic plates below, the stillness of the sky on a cloudless day or the forces of weather soon coming, the stillness of a tidal pool or the rushing waters of crashing waves.  The juxtaposition of those energies, whether chaos or calm is ever present in her work.  She adds ad scrapes back and then adds again, enriching the subtle variations of the colors and the vivid textures.  Sometimes she quiets the painting bringing about a calm presence and sometimes she lets the energy loose showing motion and the metaphysical side of nature.

Becky's work has recently been represented by Howe Outrageous in Southport, NC and ArtMob studios in Hendersonville, NC.  Her paintings are in private collections across the United States and the Virgin Islands.

During her years as an artist she also taught visual art at Northwest school of the Arts, Charlotte, NC; Quail Hollow Middle School, Charlotte, NC; The Mint Museum, Charlotte NC and workshops at various galleries.